A Pink Talks About Agency Dating Policy – Dating Should Be Kept Secret

2014-12-23 10:00:56 2014-12-23 10:00:56

Popular girl group A Pink discussed their agency’s dating policies on KBS Cool FM’s “Jo Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min’s 2 o’ Clock Show.”

When comedian/DJ Jang Dong Min asked the girls if dating was forbidden by their agency, the girls answered, “The CEO didn’t say we shouldn’t, but there was a lot of pressure from the way he said it.”

“He told us, ‘I accept the fact that you can fall in love, but don’t you dare let me catch you’,” admitted member Jung Eun Ji.

“But doesn’t that make you want to date even more?” asked Jang Dong Min.

“That might be the case,” the girls answered.

Jang Dong Min expressed his sympathy towards the group, explaining “you’re at an age where you should go out and meet people and have relationships.”

However, Jung Eun Ji responded, “That’s another issue. At the moment, we are living out our dreams. We were really excited to be placed first three weeks in a row [on Music Core].”