Boyfriend Participates in “Snow Queen 2” OST

2014-12-23 00:54:16 2014-12-23 00:54:16

Group Boyfriend participated in the OST for the animated film, “Snow Queen 2: The Troll’s Magic Mirror.”

Boyfriend wraps up their year on a high note by successfully concluded their first concert, winning first place on a music program for the first time since debut with their song “WITCH,” and now participating in the OST for the winter blockbuster film “Snow Queen 2.”

The movie “Snow Queen 2: The Troll’s Magic Mirror,” will be released on Christmas Eve. It is a 3D movie that tells the story of a troll, Orm, who embarks on another adventure after being tricked by the Snow King. Boyfriend is the second participant for the OST after Soyu.

The track that Boyfriend participated in, “Find Yourself,” is a song that was also sung by the British rock group Butterfly Stone, delivers the message, “Find hope and have confidence to face the world.” It is a rock song with a rough, masculine charm that will contrast with the sides that Boyfriend showed with “WITCH.” The song has lyrical melodies contrasted with masculine vocals while also keeping alive the upbeat nature of rock while also creating a heavy atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Boyfriend is finishing up their busy year by participating in year-end awards and stages.