Byun Yo Han Poses for Esquire Photo Shoot

2014-12-23 23:58:44 2014-12-23 23:58:44

Actor Byun Yo Han showed off his various charms in a photo shoot for Men’s fashion magazine Esquire Korea.  In the shoot, Byun Yo Han threw off his “Misaeng” character’s bubbly persona, transforming into a “homme fatale.” Esquire released the photos from its New Year issue via its official SNS sites.

Byun Yo Han’s diverse charms come across well through the images, including his unique and deadly good looks.  In the photo above, we can see Byun Yo Han in a leopard print jacket, one hand placed casually in his pocket, while biting his fingernail.

Byun Yo Han also gives off a very charismatic and chic vibe  in the photos.  This photo shows him with a slightly furrowed brow, wearing a leather shirt and a military cap with a unique design.

yo han esquire 3We can also get a sense of his playful personality.  This photo shows off Byun Yo Han’s mischievous smile as he gestures to someone outside the photo.

Yo han esquire1

In this photo, he is dressed in a preppy style, staring at the camera with an expression of curiosity with his hand in the coat pocket.

yo han esquire 4