Cast and Crew of “Misaeng” Vacation in Cebu Following Finale

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Now that highly popular drama “Misaeng” has ended, the drama’s cast and crew and taking a well-deserved vacation in the Phillipines. They departed from Incheon International Airport on December 22 following the show’s finale on December 20 for a five day, four night trip in Cebu. Several photos have surfaced showing the show’s cast and crew getting along together and having a great time on their trip.

This photo, released by Byun Yo Han via his Instagram page on December 23, shows the actor along with co-stars Im SiwanLee Sung Min, and Kim Dae Myung. Based on the photo, it seems that the actors are really enjoying their time together.

Byun Yo Han, Im Siwan, Lee Sung Min, and Kim Dae Myung together in Cebu

Byun Yo Han, Im Siwan, Lee Sung Min, and Kim Dae Myung together in Cebu

The actors are not hanging out exclusively amongst themselves, though. These photos, showing Im Siwan and Byun Yo Han together with some of the show’s crew members, was uploaded to a staffer’s Instagram page.

Misaeng Stars with Staffers

In the top photo, we see Im Siwan smiling with two staffers following a snorkeling excursion. In the second, we see a staffer together with Byun Yo Han, whose mellow gaze in is markedly different from that of his character in the drama.

The cast and crew are scheduled to return from their all-expenses-paid trip on December 26.

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