Court Date for B.A.P and TS to Be Set after TS Files a Response

2014-12-23 05:16:23 2014-12-23 05:16:23

The court date for B.A.P and TS Entertainment‘s lawsuit regarding the nullification of the members’ exclusive contracts is expected to take place in February or March.

A representative of B.A.P revealed to OBS on December 22, “Although the petition has been submitted [to the court], TS Entertainment has yet to file a response. If the defense response is submitted by the end of the month, the court date will be set. We are expecting it to take place around February or March.”

“Initially, the members hoped for a peaceful settlement, but following the claims of a hidden influence being behind the lawsuit, the members are undergoing serious negotiations regarding defamation. The B.A.P members are not in direct contact with TS, and communication is taking place through legal representatives,” the source added.


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