Dasom Says She Feels Empty Watching Other SISTAR Members on TV

2014-12-23 18:56:09 2014-12-23 18:56:09

SISTAR‘s Dasom has opened up about her thoughts on having little individual activities in comparison to her fellow group members.

On the December 23 broadcast of tvN’s talk show “Taxi,” the SISTAR members talked about their recent individual projects.

When asked how she feels about the topic, Dasom said, “All of the unnies leave [the dorm] for their schedules, but I was the only one home alone, watching unnies appearing on TV. That’s when I thought ‘What am I doing?'”

“Even when I was resting after work, I told Hyorin unni that ‘I feel like I have become a cockroach [only staying at home],’ and she comforted me a lot,” Dasom explained.

Soyu and Hyorin said, “If you have prepared yourself [for individual promotions], then our company offers their full support. I would say that they do a good job giving everyone equal opportunities. Our company is best when it comes to that.”

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