Jackson Sobs Uncontrollably When Reunited with His Mom in “Roommate”

2014-12-23 18:58:39 2014-12-23 18:58:39

GOT7’s Jackson finally got the chance to reunite with his mom in “Roommate 2.”

In the episode of SBS’s “Roommate 2” aired on December 23, the crew planned a Christmas party to spend time with their friends and family.

On the day of the event, Park Jin Young visited the share house with Jackson’s invitation, brining along a very special gift with him. Knowing how much Jackson missed his parents in Hong Kong, he had brought them over as a surprise.

Park Jin Young, Jo Se Ho, and Lee Dong Wook decided to hold a prank cam to intensify the dramatic effects for Jackson’s reunion with his parents. Rather than letting him know about his parents’ arrival, they requested for him to send his mom a letter through the camera instead. When Jackson started crying during the message, his surprise visitor stepped into the house.

Jackson ran into his mother’s arms the moment he saw her, and started sobbing. His parents, too, started shedding tears, while holding their son.

Jackson, who has been missing his mom, said, “This is like a dream,” unable to stop crying. His roommates, too, started to tear up while watching the touching scene of Jackson’s reunion with his parents.