“Misaeng” Author Talks About Season 2 Webtoon Series

2014-12-23 07:37:24 2014-12-23 07:37:24

Author of the widely acclaimed “Misaeng” webtoon series, Yoon Tae Ho, revealed information about the second season of the popular web series.

“I was really moved by how much effort the drama producers and staff put into creating the ‘Misaeng’ series as charismatic as it was,” said the author. “I watched the drama series as if I was just another viewer. I really want to thank the cast and the staff for their hard work.”

The series was successful as it accurately portrayed the typical office environment without having to center it around a love relationship between the drama characters. The research put into the web series took almost three years, and once the webtoon became dramatized on TV, the original webtoon series sold 2.3 million copies.

The author also gave some insight into the second season. “The series will show how work starts and ends, and the flow of money within a company,” he said. “It will also show the troubles and problems of a marriage, and how working moms and dads are affected by their work.”

“Misaeng” season two is expected to release in March of next year on the portal site, Daum.

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