Jung Eun Woo Will Begin Military Service in Second Half of 2015

2014-12-24 06:30:05 2014-12-24 06:30:05

Actress Park Han Byul’s boyfriend Jung Eun Woo will reportedly report for his military service in the second half of next year, according to a representative of his agency.  He had originally planned to begin his service in 2014. But due to an injury sustained to a nerve in his leg during filming, he was told he would need to retake the physical exam at a later date.

Jung Eun Woo received treatment after sustaining the injury, making a full recovery.  He is scheduled to retake the physical exam next September and is will be healthy enough for service after that,” Jung Eun Woo’s representative said.

Jung Eun Woo has been casted on SBS’s new weekend drama “My Heart Shines” (working title) and is currently attending filming.  The drama is slated to run from January to July of next year, making it the last drama that he could realistically participate in before joining the military.

Jung Eun Woo’s other big news of the day was his admission to his relationship with Actress Park Han Byul. The two worked together on the SBS drama “A Well Grown Daughter.”