Kim Hee Sun in Talks to Act as Kim Yoo Jung’s Mother

2014-12-24 00:40:06 2014-12-24 00:48:19

Actress Kim Hee Sun is being favorably considered to act in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Angry Mom.”

An MBC official stated that Kim Hee Sun is in talks to act as a young mom in her early thirties that got pregnant when she was a high school bully. After becoming a mother, she let go of her bully identity and became reformed. But when her daughter gets bullied at her high school, she returns to high school in order to protect her daughter. The daughter will be played by Kim Yoo Jung.

“Angry Mom” won an award from MBC’s script contest in 2014. This drama which portrays a proactive mom will tackle issues in education while being realistic, funny, and move viewers’ emotions.

PD Choi Byung Kil (“East of Eden” and “When a Man Loves”) will be helming this drama which will broadcast in March or April 2015.