Lee Dong Wook Looks Luxurious in Dubai for InStyle

2014-12-24 19:13:57 2014-12-24 19:13:57

InStyle magazine released photos of Lee Dong Wook, showing off the actor’s sharp, manly features. The magazine and actor traveled to Dubai for the pictorial, using some of Dubai’s attractions as the backdrop for many of the photos, portraying a luxurious and chic vibe.

One photo portrays a luxurious image with Lee Dong Wook’s good looks, chic clothing, and Dubai’s tropical-like landscape as the background. In another photo, Lee Dong Wook is seen walking casually along the beach, looking naturally at the camera. This image is sure to please the actor’s fans.

Known to enjoy traveling, Lee Dong Wook said of this visit to Dubai, “I visited Dubai nine years ago for a photo shoot. Dabai has changed a lot since my last visit. It’s become more stylish.”

An InStyle staffer commented, “Lee Dong Wook’s drama ‘Hotel King’ aired locally in Dubai so he was recognized and popular.”

Check out the handsome actor’s photos below.

Lee Dong Wook 1

Lee Dong Wook 3