Lee Hyori Clarifies She Was Never a Model for Ssangyong Motors

2014-12-24 17:57:32 2014-12-24 17:57:32

Singer Lee Hyori’s representatives clarified that she never offered to model for Ssangyong Motor.

Lee Hyori’s rep told OSEN on December 24, “Lee Hyori posted on her Twitter words of support for the employers fired from Ssangyong Motor. There seems to have been some miscommunication when she briefly mentioned about a commercial appearance in the post. We would like to clarify that she never officially offered a commercial deal with Ssangyong Motor.”

lee hyori reply lee hyori twitter

Previously, Lee Hyori had posted on her Twitter on December 18, “I hope that Ssangyong Motor’s new car Tivoli’s sales will rocket so that they will stabilize and re-employ its workers. If that would ever happen, I’d be more than willing to dance in a bikini in front of a Tivoli. “

lee hyori reply

In a following post she wrote, “I hope Girls Generation and Girls Day will join me as well.” When a netizen recommended that she should star in one of Ssangyong’s commercials, she replied, “I will work for free if they ever use me.”

Regarding Lee Hyori’s posts, an article was released on December 24 saying, “Ssangyong Motor rejected Lee Hyori’s offer to model their compact utility motor Tivoli for free.” However, the article was revealed to be false, clarified by Lee Hyori’s representatives.