New “Spy” Stills Give Sneak Preview of Yoo Oh Sung and Go Sung Hee’s Characters

2014-12-24 20:08:49 2014-12-24 20:08:49
Go Sung Hee, Yoo Oh Sung

The anticipation for the upcoming KBS mini series “Spy” is rising especially that new still photos from the series are released.

The latest images released featured actor Yoo Oh Sung and actress Go Sung Hee assuming their roles in the new KBS drama “Spy.”

In the still photos released, actor Yoo Oh Sung, who plays the role of the spy Ki Chul, gives an air of mystery and reveals his dark charisma. Looking cautiously to his side, Yoo Oh Sung’s character, the spy Ki Chul, shows his cold personality.

Yoo Oh Sung

Go Sung Hee, on the other hand, looks the part of Yoon Jin, the angelic new employee who actually has a side to her that is in pain.

Go Sung Hee

“Spy” is based on the Israeli drama “The Gordin Cell.” It tells the story of an ex-spy mother (Bae Jong Ok) and her son Seon Woo (Kim Jaejoong) who works for the National Intelligence Service. It will be a new hybrid drama, mixing the usual family drama genre with spy thriller elements.

In the drama, Go Sung Hee plays the role of Yoon Jin, the girlfriend of Seon Woo (Kim Jaejoong), who’s torn between her family and her lover. Yoo Oh Sung plays the role of Ki Chul, the North Korean spy who will be in a confrontation with Seon Woo.

Find out more about Yoo Oh Sung and Go Sung Hee’s characters Ki Chul and Yoon Jin when “Spy” airs its two-episode premiere on January 9, 2015 from 9:30 p.m. until 11:10 p.m. (KST).