“Superman Returns” Triplets’ 2015 Calendar Pre-Sales Rake in over 680 Million KRW

2014-12-24 20:41:06 2014-12-24 20:41:06

Triplets Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se’s 2015 calendar has become a hot topic and is being pre-ordered at very fast rates.

It has been revealed that the calendar featuring the triplets of KBS’ variety show “Superman Returns” has already brought in over 680 million KRW (approx. $616,000 USD) in pre-sales alone.

The pre-order period began at 10 p.m. (KST) on December 23, and in less than two days’ time, more than 125,000 calendars have been sold. These sales have surpassed numbers that were initially expected.

It is especially good news that the immense popularity of the three adorable boys has resulted in such as large amount of profit, as Song Il Gook has announced that the proceeds in full will be donated to contribute back to society.

Meanwhile, pre-orders will continue until December 31 through various online stores.