Kang Hye Jung for Woman Joongang: “I Hope to Be a Good Life Sunbae to My Daughter Haru”

2014-12-25 18:28:59 2014-12-25 18:47:34

On December 24, Woman Joongang revealed a pictorial and interview featuring actress Kang Hye Jung.

In the spread, which will be featured in Woman Joongang’s January issue, Kang Hye Jung poses in fierce business casual wear, including power suits and blouse/pant ensembles. She keeps things edgy with pin straight hair, red lips, and eye-catching accessories like a single long chain earring.

The actress, who is perhaps better known now as Haru’s mom, shared, “To my daughter Haru, I’m still an omniscient and omnipotent presence. Just as a daughter grows and changes every single day, I think her mother also grows along with her.” She continued, “I hope to be a good life sunbae to my daughter Haru.”

When asked for her thoughts on the new year, Kang Hye Jung replied, “If my life is a play, I would say I’m at around the fifth scene of the first act. I just hope to live day by day, happy and healthy, just like I am now.”

Kang Hye Jung is currently performing as the heroine of the play Rita” alongside Gong Hyo Jin and has been cast in the upcoming movie “How to Steal a Dog.”

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