Kang Sora Reveals That Her Excellent English Is Thanks to Bootlegged Videos

2014-12-25 23:30:00 2014-12-25 23:30:00

Actress Kang Sora revealed that the secret to her excellent English in Misaeng is thanks to bootlegged videos.

On December 23, Kang Sora revealed some backstories from “Misaeng.” When she was asked about her fluent English on the drama, she said, “I liked English as a hobby ever since I was young.”

She added, “Since I was an only child, I was home alone a lot and my mother showed me a lot of Disney animation videos. But you know how if the videos had been obtained properly, they would have subtitles or dubbing? It seems the videos that my mother brought had been obtained in another way because they didn’t have subtitles, so I studied a little bit in order to understand.”

Kang Sora also revealed that she had even prepared to go to an English high school when she was in junior high, revealing that her skills did not come to her overnight.

About the Russian she speaks in the drama, she said, “That’s a language that I learned for the first time on the drama. Before that, I’d never seen or heard it being spoken before. Since the other actors were so focused on the pronunciation, there were a lot of times I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Sometimes I wouldn’t even know if the intention of the words were for confrontation or spoken out of annoyance, so I would sometimes change the intonation slightly although it’s not supposed to be spoken like that.”

Meanwhile, Kang Sora played Ahn Young Yi in “Misaeng,” an employee who has a perfect resume and skills, but is discriminated by her peers because of her gender.

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