Kang Sora Reveals the Story behind Her 39,000 Won MAMA Dress

2014-12-25 18:54:01 2014-12-25 20:01:26

Actress Kang Sora has opened up about her famous 39,000 won (approximately $35 USD) H&M dress from the 2014 MAMA ceremony.

On December 23, the talented young actress met with reporters to talk about her recently completed drama “Misaeng.” At the interview, she was asked by one of the interviewers about how she came to choose the dress she wore to the MAMA ceremony.

She said, “I only found out about the price [of the dress] from the news articles. When I became the model for a soju brand, I had a shoot in different dresses for each month. That dress had the best reaction then. So I ended up wearing it [to the ceremony.] I normally try to wear clothes that are flattering for my figure.”

Previously, Kang Sora attended the 2014 MAMA ceremony as a presenter, pulling off an H&M dress that cost 39,000 won.

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