Kim Jaejoong to Take On an Emotionally Deeper Role in “Spy”

2014-12-25 22:00:27 2015-01-08 01:30:31

Kim Jaejoong, a member of  JYJ and an actor, will be taking on a new role through his upcoming drama “Spy,” a Friday KBS drama that is to first air on January 9. Many eyes are on him as this is his first time being the only leading actor of a drama.

“Spy” is based on Israeli drama “The Gordin Cell” which is about a mother (Bae Jong Ok) who fights to keep her son Sun Woo (Kim Jaejoong) alive. Although “Spy” may seem like an action-filled thriller on the outside, Kim Jaejoong will be focusing more on depicting an intimate relationship between a son and his mother.

Kim Jaejoong has previously taken on many important roles in dramas such as “Triangle,” “Dr. Jin,” and “Protect the Boss,” and has played many powerful characters in them. Especially for “Triangle,” Kim Jaejoong played an interesting role that was very masculine, but at the same time showed emotional depth. He was highly praised for his performance when he tragically wept on screen following the death of a family member, and many viewers are looking forward to this upcoming “sentimental” side of Kim Jaejoong.

Moreover, a staff of CJeS Entertainment revealed that Kim Jaejoong has been working harder to show improvement in his acting, and hopes that many viewers will see a completely different side of him through “Spy.”