Lee Jun Ki Proceeds With Concert in China Despite Leg Injury

2014-12-25 11:37:26 2014-12-25 11:37:26

Lee Jun Ki has lived up to the saying “the show must go on” as despite his leg injury, the actor still went on with his schedule and performed at a concert in China.

According to entertainment reports from China, Lee Jun Ki injured his leg while rehearsing for the China leg of his “2014-15 Lee Jun Ki Asia Tour ‘Together'” on December 24. However, the actor didn’t mind his injury and proceeded with his fan meeting concert as planned.

Lee Jun Ki’s agency told TV Report, “Lee Jun Ki sprained his ankle during rehearsal. After completing the performance, he received treatment and he’s now having complete rest. We’re very apologetic towards the fans.”

After injuring his ankle, the doctor advised him to cancel the show but Lee Jun Ki decided that he wanted to push through with the event to keep his promise to his fans. So even with his injury, Lee Jun Ki continued to stand on stage even while in pain and successfully held his special event with the fans.

After the performance, Lee Jun Ki posted a photo of him from the dressing room together with the message: “I’m sorry that I made you worry. I really can’t be the pro that I am if I get injured. With the cheers from the family in China and my family, I was able to bear (the pain). (The concert) was enjoyable and fun. I’ll get treatment and I’ll prepare well for my next schedule. Merry Christmas. I love you. You’re the reason for my existence.”

Meanwhile, aside from the “2014-15 Lee Jun Ki Asia Tour ‘Together’,” the actor is currently busy filming the Chinese romantic movie “Under the Sicily Sun.” Lee Jun Ki will act alongside Chinese actress Zhou Dong Yu and he will play the role of a Korean student who falls in love with a girl in Shanghai, China. This is Lee Jun Ki’s first romantic movie in eight years.