Vasco, Shannon, and Giriboy Release “Breath” MV

2014-12-25 21:40:07 2014-12-25 21:40:07

The collaboration single between Vasco, Giriboy, and Shannon has been released.

Titled “Breath,” the emotional track features two talented rappers from Just Music, Vasco and Giriboy, along with upcoming singer Shannon. Shannon has just recently debuted with her single “Daybreak Rain.”

“Breath” is a beautiful ballad rap track with a string arrangement that shows Shannon’s vocal prowess, along with some powerful rap verses from seasoned rappers Vasco and Giriboy. Popular composer duo Duble Sidekick and SEION wrote the song.

In the music video, the three artists can be seen recording the song in the studio and interacting with each other.

Check out Vasco, Shannon, and Giriboy’s music video for “Breath” below.