Kim Woo Bin’s “The Technicians” Sells One Million Tickets in Just Four Days

2014-12-26 22:37:39 2014-12-26 22:37:39

The latest heist film “The Technicians,” starring Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Wooand Go Chang Suk, has reached the one million ticket mark in just four days since its opening.

The action film has sold more than a million tickets by December 27, only four days after it opened in theaters, according to its distributor Lotte Entertainment.

The speed at which “The Technicians” is faring in the box office at the moment is similar to that of previous blockbuster hits like “The Masquerade,” “New World,” and “The Attorney,” which each succeeded in bringing out over 10 million viewers.

“The Technicians” started topping the box office immediately upon its release, proving the star power of its leading actor, Kim Woo Bin.

Directed by Kim Hong Sun, “The Technicians” stars Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, and Go Chang Suk as a group of talented technicians who attempt to rob the most secure bank in East Asia.