Kyuhyun: “I Found Myself Crying Through the Struggles of Joining Super Junior Late”

2014-12-26 16:49:51 2014-12-26 16:49:51

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun opened up about the difficulties he went through when he first joined the group after their official debut.

On the December 25 broadcast of KBS’ variety talk show “Happy Together,” Kyuhyun shared, “I became a member of Super Junior a bit late, but when I first joined, the members were temperamental…” before her suddenly paused, causing laughter among the guests.

Kyuhyun revealed, “It wasn’t that bad, but honestly, the members were a little edgy. They wanted to become successful quickly, but with 13 members, they couldn’t help it during that time.”

When asked how he adjusted to the group, the Super Junior member explained, “I joined late, but Ryeowook also joined late. About one or two months after joining, I was having such a hard time that I even found myself crying. I asked Ryeowook, ‘How do I adjust to this?’ and he told me, ‘Time will solve everything. Just endure six months.’ And after six months, the members really did acknowledge me.’”

He continued, “I wasn’t a member that stood out much in the beginning, so I don’t they felt pressured by me. When the manager called my name, I would say, ‘Yes, hyung-nim’ and behave respectfully. Even toward the members, I would humble myself with consideration and those kinds of manners. When we would take pictures, I would always stand at the very end, and through things like that, I was able to ease their sense of rivalry.”