Moms of Triplets and Chu Sarang Become Friends outside of “Superman Returns”

2014-12-26 18:24:12 2014-12-26 18:24:12

Man Se and Chu Sarang aren’t the only ones who have instantly become besties. The mothers of the triplets and Sarang also have become good friends after their encounter in KBS‘s popular variety show “Superman Returns.”

According to a media representative, Jung Seung Yeon, mother of the triplets, and Yano Shiho, mother of Chu Sarang, became close friends.

The two first met each other when the triplets visited Japan, and they quickly became friends when Yano Shiho took great care of the children as if they were her own.

Their friendship grew when Yano Shiho recently visited Korea and spent time with the triplet’s mother.

Language is not a problem for these two because of Jung Seung Yeon’s fluency in several languages. Not only is she skilled in Japanese, but also English, German, Chinese, and French as well.

A representative said, “Jung Seung Yeon and Yano Shiho could easily relate to each other because they are the same age (both were born in 1976) and have children around the same age as well. Their hearty and easy-going personalities also quickly made them good friends.”

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