Moon Hee Jun: “TVXQ Posed the Biggest Threat to H.O.T”

2014-12-26 18:28:19 2014-12-26 18:28:19

Ex-H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun revealed he noticed the immense potential of junior group TVXQ early on in the game.

During the filming of an upcoming episode of JTBC’s “Inside Story Salon,” Moon Hee Jun said, “If a junior singer has outstanding talent and improves at a very quick pace, you can feel threatened,” and chose TVXQ as the junior group that made him feel that way.

“TVXQ greeted me when they were trainees, and even back then, I thought that they could surpass H.O.T,” he confessed.

When asked if he felt any other junior groups posing a threat to H.O.T’s popularity, the singer said, “In the glory days of H.O.T, there was no rival that was capable of causing a change [in our position].”

This episode of “Inside Story Salon” will air on December 28 at 9:40 p.m.