“Superman Returns” Song Il Gook Is in Love with Chu Sarang and in Desperate Need of Daughter

2014-12-26 19:40:37 2014-12-26 19:40:37

As a father of three sons and no daughter, Song Il Gook falls in love with Chu Sarang and becomes one of her avid fans in the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns.” Always being around three playful and active boys, Chu Sarang’s girly cuteness is completely new for him.

On this episode, Chu Sung Hoon has a party for the triplets and Sarang. For the party, Song Il Gook and Chu Sarang go on a mission together to buy the right equipment. Since Song Il Gook does not speak any Japanese, Chu Sarang becomes the leader. Throughout their mission, Song Il Gook is unable to hide his smile from having Sarang all to himself.

As they walk together, Song Il Gook lowers his stance in order to hold Sarang’s hand, and when making eye contact, he kneels down to be on the same level as her, making onlookers surmise that he perhaps is in a great need of a daughter. When they are back at home, Sarang looks at Song Il Gook and gives him a tight hug, causing him to break into a huge smile. Song Il Gook ends up wishing out loud, “I want a daughter just like Sarang,” making those around him laugh.

Tune in for this new love line on December 28 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Song Il Gook