‘Aegyo Prince’ Min Gook Melts Hearts by Copying Yano Shiho at 2014 KBS Entertainment Awards

2014-12-27 12:03:01 2014-12-27 12:03:01

Superman Returns’” middle triplet, Min Gook, recently showcased his heart-meltingly adorable aegyo at the 2014 KBS Entertainment Awards.

During the live broadcast of the year-end awards ceremony for KBS variety shows on December 27, Chu Sarang’s mom, Yano Shiho, made a playful gesture with her hands while the award for Best Scriptwriter was being presented. Yano Shiho formed her hands to look like binoculars as she sat at the tables in the audience, looking up at the stage.

After seeing Sarang’s mom do this, ‘aegyo prince’ Min Gook, who was also sitting at the same table, copied her hand gesture, which was captured by the camera. He melted the hearts of viewers with his sweet smile and cute imitation.

Meanwhile, the children of “Superman Returns” took home the Popularity Award, and the show won the Viewers’ Choice Best Program Award at this year’s KBS Entertainment Awards.
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