Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee Expresses Disappointment Over His Performance for 2014 KBS Song Festival

2014-12-27 01:17:47 2014-12-27 01:17:47

Fly to the Sky‘s Hwanhee expressed his disappointment over his own performance on last night’s 2014 KBS Song Festival.

Hwanhee performed a duet with Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon and another duet with Im Chang Jung on the show, both during which he was not at his best.

After the year-end show, Hwanhee went on his Twitter account to express how he felt over his performance and wrote, “It’s my first Song Festival in a while, but.. After performing for our concert and (earlier) for a performance I just… I want to be a singing machine but I’m just human. I will recharge and show a proper performance (next time). Have a good night everybody.”

Meanwhile, Fly to the Sky and Gummy just finished a 3-day joint concert entitled “The Attraction” last December 23-25.


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