“Real Men” Interviewing Many Girl Idols, Looking for the Next Hyeri

2014-12-27 00:23:21 2014-12-27 00:23:21
hyeri real men

MBC’s military variety show “Real Men” is currently interviewing a number of girl idols for the upcoming female soldiers special.

An affiliate of “Real Men” revealed that everyone from well-known and popular girl idols to lesser-known but promising idols are being interviewed. The source added, “‘Real Men’ is looking for someone who can show off her charms on the program. Her level of fitness is also an important consideration.”

Casting director Kim Min Jong told OSEN, “We are looking for the second Hyeri. Filming is slated to begin next year in January. We are looking for people who can demonstrate fresh charms in a variety of situations, so do look forward to [the upcoming special].”

The previous female soldiers special of “Real Men,” which aired on August 31, was sensationally popular. Particularly, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri catapulted into the spotlight with her cute aegyo. Kim So Yeon also received praise for holding out to the end with her iron will, despite her physical shortcomings.

Meanwhile, on the December 28 episode of “Real Men,” Kim Soo Ro, Seo Kyung Suk, and Sam Hammington go on an end-of-year trip with the other members, for which they attempt to invite girl group members.