Se7en’s Discharge Ceremony Is Supported By YG Despite Expired Contract

2014-12-27 22:07:26 2014-12-27 22:07:26

When Se7en was dispatched today, YG Entertainment was still at his side.

On December 28 at 9 a.m, Se7en held his discharge ceremony and met reporters at Pochun, Gyeonggi. Despite his expired contract with YG Entertainment, his managers celebrated with him at the ceremony. Not only did they take care of Se7en, but they also coordinated the press conference afterwards.

A representative said, “Se7en currently has no managing agency, so it seems that YG gave a helping hand in managing the ceremony. Though they can’t help him upfront because he is no longer one of their artists, I think they are trying to help him all they can from behind.”

Se7en plans to rest for a while after being discharged. Due to the emotional stress he went through during his scandal last year, it will most likely be a while before he makes his comeback. Many are also interested in whether or not he will resign his contract with YG.

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