The SeeYa Mark 2nd Anniversary with New Single “Song of Love”

2014-12-27 18:58:33 2014-12-27 18:59:54

R&B group The SeeYa will be returning after a one-year hiatus on December 29.

The new single will mark the group’s second anniversary after their debut in 2012. The four-member girl group consisting of members Song Min Kyung, Heo Yong Joo, Sung Yoo Jin, and Oh Yeon Kyung is expected to showcase their strong but emotional vocals.

Song of Love” is a follow-up version to SeeYa‘s “Crazy Love Song” released in 2006. The song describes a woman’s attempts to make her boyfriend stay next to her, and the song is said to be fitting for the cold winter season.

After releasing their new single at noon on December 29, The SeeYa will hold their comeback stage at the 2014 SBS Awards Festival on the same day.