Akdong Musician to Reveal True Reason for Their ‘No Plastic Surgery’ Clause in “Healing Camp”

2014-12-28 21:11:30 2014-12-28 21:14:07

On December 29, SBS’s “Healing Camp” will be holding a winter break special. Popular participants of the last three seasons of SBS’s “K-Pop Star” will be discussing their dreams and songs. Season 1’s Park Ji Min, Lee Hi, Baek A Yeon, season 2’s Akdong Musician, and season 3’s Bernard Park, Sam Kim, and Kwon Jin Ah will all be participating in an honest yet vibrant discussion.

The K-pop stars caught the attention of the audience with their interest in looks, just like young people their age. During a conversation on diets and skin care, the MCs asked Akdong Musician, “Don’t you guys have a ‘no plastic surgery’ clause in your contract?”

Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk replied, “Our parents have long told us that they like the way we look. I also think that 70 percent of the reason people like us is because of our appearances.” The true reason the duo decided against plastic surgery, however, will be revealed during the actual airing.

akdong musician

Meanwhile, embarrassing pictures of the past of the K-pop stars were revealed as well. Pictures that made the set a scene of laughter and sweet songs will all be aired on December 29 through SBS’s “Healing Camp.”