Edward1849’s Recommended Top 20 K-Pop Songs of 2014

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*Edward1849 is the long-time curator of our Weekly Music Chart*

Happy Holidays everyone. It’s that time of the year and I find myself writing this post once again.  It is increasingly difficult in recent years to select 20 songs for my list.  There are so many great songs and artists to choose from, and as always I like to find a balance between underrated songs you may have missed this year and hit songs you are familiar with.  I spent the last two days narrowing down from 50 songs to 20.  Unfortunately some of the great songs I have to regret to take them out!

2014 is another great year in Kpop music.  The main themes this year are:

1. Comeback artists – I don’t mean artists coming back from a few months to a year releasing their new albums.  There are many well respected veteran artists coming back from long hiatus and released their new albums in 2014.  Many of those are ranked in my top 10 this year.

2. Collaborations – In recent years there are more and more collaborations in Kpop.  This year a lot of these collaborations have gone on to hit the top of the music charts.  You will also find some of these duets in my top 20 list, even though it may not be the most popular ones.

3. Rookie class – After a down year in 2013, several new artists have impressive debuts in 2014.  Stay tune to see who will be included in my list.

If you are not familiar with my recommended top 20 list, it consists of various music genres but few are the regular Kpop dance hits.  You also won’t find too many idol artists here.  My goal is to recommend some good songs you may have missed in 2014.  In the past, there are a lot of unknown artists in the ranking, but this year I think most of the artists on the list are familiar names.  Again, songs are more familiar as we get closer to the top.

Note that this list is not related to our Soompi Weekly Kpop Music Chart and it will not have any effect to the ongoing Soompi Awards 2014 voting.  Everything is just the author’s opinion.

As always, we are doing a true countdown.  Songs will be listed backwards from No. 20 to No. 1.