Jang Soo Won Reveals People Wanted Him To Continue Acting Terribly

2014-12-28 13:44:39 2014-12-28 13:44:39

Jang Soo Won revealed that nobody wanted him to take acting classes, despite the criticism he received as an actor with a robot-like tone.

In MBC’s “Section TV,” which was aired December 28, Jang Soo won, who has become popular due to his stiff acting, was interviewed.

When the reporter asked him, “Did you ever think about learning how to act?” he replied, “I actually did think about it after I realized I was so bad at it.”

He added, “Surprisingly, when I mentioned this to other people they said that they liked my current character and told me to refrain from getting better. That’s why I thought, ‘It’s not time yet to become a serious actor.’”

He also said, when asked how he envisioned himself in 10 years, “I believe that I will become an actor known for my great acting,” making the audience laugh.

Jang Soo Won will be starring in the drama “Misaengmool,” the parody version of the popular drama “Misaeng,” as the main character Jang Geu Rae. Originally a member of the legendary 90s boy band Sechs Kies, he was tagged as a robot actor after acting terribly in the TV program “Love and War 2.”

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