Park Min Woo Relays Thoughts and Thanks With Ending of “Modern Farmer”

2014-12-28 03:28:06 2014-12-28 03:28:06

Park Min Woo shared his last thoughts on SBS’s drama “Modern Farmer.”

On December 28, his agency relayed Park Min Woo thoughts on wrapping up with the drama and also his thanks. In the drama, he played Kang Hyuk, a man who has a painful family history but is loyal and always keeps his promises.

Park Min Woo was praised for growing as an actor with the excellent interpretation of his three-dimensional character in the drama, playing the comical as well as the serious sides of his character seamlessly.

With the finale of the drama, Park Min Woo expressed his attachment to the drama, saying, “We began filming in the summer, and it only ended when it became a cold winter day. Looking back, I’m so happy to have worked with such great seniors and seniors, fellow actors, and staff. It was a huge gift for me just to be able to spend time on such a great work. Thank you.”

He didn’t forget to thank the viewers by adding, “I won’t forget everything I learned from every experience so far, and I’ll use this as the base to grow even more as an actor who can touch the audience. Thank you to the viewers who has given love to ‘Modern Farmer’s’ Kang Hyuk.”

Meanwhile, Park Min Woo is now catching up on his schedules and will continue with his activities with SBS’s variety program, “Roommate.”

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