The Saem Reveals SHINee’s Unreleased Cuts for Recent Photo Shoot

2014-12-28 23:23:28 2014-12-28 23:23:28

Good news for SHINee fans: unreleased cuts for SHINee’s makeup ad were revealed.

Without any prior notice, The Saem revealed the unreleased cuts from their new model SHINee’s photo shoot on December 29 through their official Facebook account.

While some of the photos portrayed the pure and free-souled side of the five members, others revealed their masculine sides as well.

the saem onew

the saem key

the saem taemin

Fans will especially love these photos because they reveal natural scenes of SHINee during the process of the photo shoot, rather than being posed and edited images.

the saem jonghyun

“We hope SHINee will be able to help in advertising The Saem around the world and represent our brand image,” representatives of The Seam said. “We plan to continue in hosting fun events for fans, like these unreleased cuts, so that we can repay them for their continued support.”