Hong Eun Hee Releases Selfie with EXO in the Background

2014-12-30 19:40:21 2014-12-30 19:40:21

Actress Hong Eun Hee has uploaded a photo of herself at the “2014 MBC Entertainment Awards” with group EXO unknowingly in the background. She uploaded the photo to her personal Instagram on December 31, saying “I didn’t intend to upload this because I’m embarrassed. Mi Ran knows we took it. Sorry.”

The photo shows Hong Eun Hee along with Ra Mi Ran at the awards ceremony and EXO at a table behind them. The two pretended as if they were taking a selfie, but cut off their own faces in order to capture a shot of the popular group.

The “MBC Entertainment Awards” took place December 29 in Mapo, Seoul. Hong Eun Hee won the “Special Award for Variety Shows” along with Ahn Jung Hwan, while EXO won the “Popularity Award” for singers.