Lee Kyung Kyu Receives First-Ever Daesang from SBS at the “2014 SBS Entertainment Awards”

2014-12-30 18:45:44 2014-12-30 18:45:44
lee kyung kyu

On December 30, Lee Kyung Kyu, MC of SBS variety shows “Healing Camp” and “Star Junior Show,” received the Daesang (the Grand Award) at the “2014 SBS Entertainment Awards,” his first daesang in four years and his first-ever from SBS.

During his acceptance speech, Lee Kyung Kyu said, “I always tell myself that I need to return to my original intentions [for entering this profession in the first place], but to be honest I don’t really remember [them]. I will do my best to stay competitive with my hoobaes.”

As one of the MCs of the ceremony, Lee Kyung Kyu entertained the audience throughout the night with his trademark blunt humor, but when his name was called as the winner of the Daesang, he seemed to be caught off guard. During his speech, the seasoned entertainer touched viewers with his sincerity.

Lee Kyung Kyu somewhat “belatedly” receiving a Daesang from the “SBS Entertainment Awards” after a lengthy career is the result of a combination of factors, but namely due to the fact that Lee Kyung Kyu has always had a limited presence on SBS in comparison to MBC and KBS.

Lee Kyung Kyu can’t necessarily be said to have made a significantly larger splash on SBS than he did in previous years. However, this year SBS in general seemed to prioritize the longevity of already existing programs over being flashy and trendy, and Lee Kyung Kyu held down the fort as usual over at “Healing Camp” and “Star Junior Show,” which have been running since 2011 and 2009, respectively. In this respect, Lee Kyung Kyu has been a reliable pillar of SBS variety shows over the years.

Congrats, Lee Kyung Kyu! We are looking forward to another year with you on our favorite variety shows.

lee kyung kyu