Outsider Teases for an Upcoming Rap Battle with Mystery Artist

2014-12-30 21:16:34 2014-12-30 21:16:34

More has been revealed about the impending comeback of “rapid-fire” rapper Outsider.

A teaser for an upcoming rap battle between Outsider and an as-yet unknown opponent was released via online music site Melon on December 31. The teaser consists of an image of Outsider next to a blurred figure with “VS” scrawled across it and phrases like “once in a lifetime fight” and “battle of the century.” The identity of Outsider’s opponent in the battle, slated for sometime in January, will no doubt draw a lot of speculation.

Outsider rap battle

The event is just one part of a larger promotion for the release of Outsider’s new album. Just a couple days ago, a short, muted teaser video featuring a mysterious man was also released via 1theK’s official youtube channel.