Park Hae Jin Voted as the Actor Most Want to Watch 2015’s First Sunrise With

2014-12-30 22:02:15 2014-12-30 22:30:56

With the upcoming release of various movies in January of 2015, portal site Nate conducted a unique survey about the actors starring in those movies. The survey asked netizens to choose which actor they would want to watch the first sunrise with for the new year.

Park Hae Jin received 45 percent of the votes, landing him in first place. Park Hae Jin is enjoying great popularity all over Asia. His new film, “Snow Is on the Sea” will open on January 8, 2015. It is an emotional melodrama in which he stars as a man willing to do everything for love. With his good looks and caring manners, he transforms into the ultimate romantic for the film.

In second place with 27 percent of the votes is Lee Seung Gi. He appears in the upcoming film “Today’s Love” as a man who does everything his girlfriend wants but gets dumped before making it to 100 days as a couple. The film also stars Moon Chae Won.

In third place is Ha Jung Woo with 18 percent of the votes. He shows off his comedic side in the upcoming “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant,” which also stars Ha Ji Won.

In fourth place is Lee Min Ho with nine percent of the votes. He stars as a dangerous young man willing to do anything to succeed in “Gangnam 1970,” which also stars Kim Rae Won.