Rapper Outsider Intrigues Fans With Silent Teaser Video

2014-12-30 00:00:58 2014-12-30 00:00:58

Actions do speak louder than words and it showed in the latest teaser video for Outsider’s pending comeback this January 2015.

Outsider’s 10-second teaser video released on 1theK‘s official YouTube channel on December 29 did its job of intriguing and piquing the interest of the fans as compared to other teaser videos that included a sample of the track, the clip took on an unusual, silent format.

In the silent video, a man is shown with his back turned to the camera. The unidentified man (still yet to be revealed whether it is Outsider himself or not) is also shown busy doing something, and fans have no way to know aside from waiting for Outsider’s comeback on January 2015. 1theK also kept the video description very short and mysterious as it stated, “January 2015, he will come back.”

This is a teaser video, alright!