Writer Kim Tae Hee Under Fire for Inappropriate Acceptance Speech and Past SNS Remarks about Im Siwan

2014-12-30 00:52:48 2014-12-30 00:52:48

Writer Kim Tae Hee of “Radio Star” is under fire for remarks she made during an awards acceptance speech and, subsequently, for past comments on SNS regarding Im Siwan.

On December 29, at the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards, Kim Tae Hee won the award for writing for “Radio Star.” Her acceptance speech shocked many people. She said, “Even though it’s been a while since I left, I would like to thank the ‘Infinity Challenge PD and members. I especially remember when Noh Hong Chul was carrying sweet potatoes and fell. And I want to apologize to [Jung] Hyung Don for rejecting his advances [regarding dating].”

Many found her comments inappropriate. Noh Hong Chul was charged with a DUI in November and had to leave “Infinity Challenge” and his other programs due to the scandal. Jung Hyung Don has been married since 2009 to writer Han Yoo Ra. A netizen commented, “It is inappropriate for her to mention them that way since Noh Hong Chul is being edited out of programs and Jung Hyung Don is happily married.”

In the midst of the controversy surrounding her speech, Kim Tae Hee’s past inappropriate comments about ZE:A’s Im Siwan have resurfaced. In August 2012, comedian Jung Ju Ri posted a photo of herself with Im Siwan with the caption, “Ah, so pretty. I should date him. I should date and kiss him.” Writer Kim Tae Hee replied, “Oh, it’s Siwan. Juri, Siwan kisses very well. If you ask him for a kiss, he may do it since he’s so nice.” A screen capture of the original photo and post, as well as Kim Tae Hee’s reply, was uploaded on an online community and criticism was heaped on both women for their words. Netizens left remarks such as, “The speech was too much,” “He’s already married …,” and “Why bring up Noh Hong Chul?”

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