Lee Jung Jae Reportedly in a Relationship with Lim Se Ryung

2014-12-31 18:37:41 2014-12-31 18:37:41

News outlet Dispatch revealed on New Years Day that actor Lee Jung Jae is allegedly in a relationship with Lim Se Ryung, an executive board member at Daesang Group.

Dispatch revealed that they have caught the two on a date on December 26, starting off with brunch at a restaurant owned by Lim Se Ryung, then proceeding to Lee Jung Jae’s house.

They also added that they have caught Lim Se Ryung visiting Lee Jung Jae’s house more than three times a week.

Lee Jung Jae and Lim Se Ryung have previously denied being romantically involved, despite many coverages of their alleged relationship by the media.

According to Dispatch, the two met through Lee Jung Jae’s ex-girlfriend Kim Min Hee before 2006, when Lim Se Ryung was still married to the vice-chairman of Samsung Group, Lee Jae Yong. After Lim Se Ryung divorced Lee Jae Yong in 2009, they seemed to get closer, and Lee Jung Jae also appeared in a commercial for Daesang Group’s Chung Jung Won brand.

Previously, they were reported leaving together for the Philippines in 2010, which they both claimed was a business trip.

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