Shinhwa Makes Upcoming Comeback Known with Brand New Teaser Photo

2014-12-31 17:22:23 2014-12-31 17:31:13

Shinhwa is officially making their upcoming group comeback known with a brand new teaser photo!

On January 1, ShinCom Entertainment revealed the very first teaser cut of Shinhwa’s 2015 comeback project through its official website. As previously reported, the members are gearing up to make their return at the end of February with their 12th full-length album.

Since the release of the group’s last album in 2013, “The Classic,” it will be their first comeback in one year and nine months. As they will be greeting their fans with a new album for the first time in a long time, it is said that the members of Shinhwa are putting in much effort and time to produce an even better and higher quality album. They are currently in the final stages of preparations for the February comeback.

In the surprise teaser photo, the Shinhwa members can be seen wearing t-shirts with their first initials printed on them, as they hide their faces. It also states “12th album” and “February 2015,” however, there are two other spots with just an exclamation point and an asterisk, which have yet to be revealed.