Song Ga Yeon to Teach Mixed Martial Arts to Jung Jae Hyung on “Tutoring Across Generations”

2014-12-31 20:14:31 2014-12-31 20:14:31

Mixed martial arts fighter (MMA) and former cast member of SBS‘ “Roommate,” Song Ga Yeon, has been confirmed to appear on the MBC variety program “Tutoring Across Generations.”

On January 1, the production team of the show revealed that Song Ga Yeon recently confirmed her upcoming appearance and has already wrapped up the very first filming with singer Jung Jae Hyung.

As the program pairs up two stars who are of the same zodiac sign (usually meaning they are 12, 24, etc. years apart) in a tutor-student relationship, Song Ga Yeon will be teaching MMA skills to Jung Jae Hyung, who is 24 years older than her.

The first broadcast featuring these two stars—as Jung Jae Hyung tries his hand at MMA fighting for the first time—is scheduled to be broadcast on January 2.