BIGBANG Announces Possibility of New Album This Year at Singapore Concert

2015-01-01 21:16:05 2015-01-05 15:07:12

BIGBANG participated as the grand guests of an event to celebrate Singapore’s 50th year of independence. During their performance, they also announced plans for  a new album.

During Singapore’s SG50, which was held from December 31 9 p.m. to January 1 1 a.m., BIGBANG finished the event off as the grand finale.

SG50 has been a yearlong project to celebrate the 50th year of independence for Singapore. This New Year count down event was a part of the project. As a nationwide festival, the event was broadcasted through five major television channels, President Tony Tan Keng Yam made the opening speech, and numerous government officials participated as well.

Due to the occasion, this year’s New Year countdown event was double its size than last year and sold out immediately. Several celebrities from Singapore and Malaysia also performed on stage.

Rather than picking a singer from Singapore to end the show, BIGBANG starred as the grand finale, which YG representatives saw as a sign of their influence across Asia.

BIGBANG performed after the fireworks for 50 minutes, singing “GOOD BOY,” “FEELING,” “FANTASTIC BABY,” and more. The audience enjoyed the show, singing and dancing along to their music.

During the event, G-dragon announced, “We have big plans for this year. We’ll be back with a new album and new tour along with good music and performances.”

Taeyang also revealed that he will be holding his solo Asia tour concert “Rise” in Singapore on February 8.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is the only foreign singer to be holding concerts at the top five domes in Japan two years in a row.