“Mama” Song Yoon Ah and Moon Jung Hee’s Friendship Touches Audience at 2014 MBC Drama Awards

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Song Yoon Ah Moon Jung Hee

Within the drama “Mama” and without, actresses Song Yoon Ah and Moon Jung Hee continue to teach us about the value of friendship.

At the 2014 MBC Drama Awards, which was held on December 30, “Mama” actresses Song Yoon Ah and Moon Jung Hee were both nominees for the Female High Excellence Award for Special Production Drama.

The moment Song Yoon Ah’s name was called, Song Yoon Ah looked downcast rather than joyful, and grabbed Moon Jung Hee’s hand and embraced her apologetically. Moon Jung Hee hugged her back with wholehearted congratulations.

When Song Yoon Ah got up on stage, she had trouble holding back tears as she said, “I am so very grateful, but I’m also sad. Jung Hee should have received this…”  She continued, “Without Moon Jung Hee, [my character] Hang Seung Hee would not have [received as much love]… Truly…” She finished her speech by saying, “I feel so sad because Moon Jung Hee did not win this award.” Moon Jung Hee encouraged Song Yoon Ah by smiling throughout her speech.

Song Yoon Ah and Moon Jung Hee became close friends while filming “Mama.” Moon Jung Hee often said that “Mama’s” gift to her was Song Yoon Ah. Song Yoon Ah similarly lit up whenever she talked about Moon Jung Hee.

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