g.o.d Park Joon Hyung Encourages Fans by Talking about Injury from Past Accident

2015-01-01 22:38:38 2015-01-01 22:42:21

Park Joon Hyung talked via Instagram about an injury he sustained in an accident.

Park Joon Hyung confessed to his fans that while filming a video for personal use, he slid off from his skateboard, tearing a ligament in his arm. The doctor told him it may take up to a year in order to fully recover.

At the time, Park Joon Hyung shared that he panicked, thinking about the upcoming concert, his g.o.d brothers, and fans that he was afraid to disappoint. Not wanting to make his fans worry, he kept the accident a secret and worked hard to recover as fast as he could. He said, “I iced my arm every day and tried to stretch it little by little. After about a month I was able to exercise lightly. Although it wasn’t fully recovered by the concert, I was still able to dance along most of the time.”

He wants to think of the incident as a lesson from God to not overwork oneself if something important is coming up. He added, “I thank God that [the injury] wasn’t more serious.”

Park Joon Hyung shared that he decided to reveal this incident now in order to encourage his fans. “In times of bad don’t dwell in it, but win it over because time will heal and later [it] will be a learning experience and a memory that you can share and laugh about,” he said. He ended the caption saying, “Learn from your mistakes in 2014, and be energized for 2015!”