Ji Sung Performs Flawlessly in a Complex Torture Scene for New Drama “Kill Me Heal Me”

2015-01-02 01:32:26 2015-01-02 01:32:26

The new Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama “Kill Me Heal Me” revealed behind-the-scenes cuts of Ji Sung preparing for a scene involving being tortured in an abandoned factory. Because Ji Sung’s character in the drama is a third generation chaebol, the reason for him shooting a torture scene is a mystery.

The scene involves Ji Sung in an abandoned factory tied up and hanging upside down. Being tortured with a water bucket under him, his character is supposedly in a tough crisis.

The torture scene was the last shooting for the day, and was held around 2 a.m. after filming other complex action scenes. Undoubtedly tired from previous filming, Ji Sung went into the shooting without any rehearsals. Regardless, Ji Sung was able to finish the filming in one cut, showing great professionalism. It is said that the filming staff was awed by his flawless performance.