Kangnam and Nam Joo Hyuk to Be in a Special Episode Of “Off to School” Full of Bromance

2015-01-03 00:55:15 2015-01-03 00:55:15

Kangnam and Nam Joo Hyuk are to meet out of their school uniforms in a special episode of “Off to School.” Even outside school, they are constantly bickering and making jokes, showing that they became close friends through the show.

Since Kangnam accidently called Nam Joo Hyuk “Na Myun Joo” when the show first aired, fans of the show have called them “Kangnamyunjoo.” These two have shown an unexpected chemistry throughout the show, and it is well known that they became close friends.

In the episode, Kangnam and Nam Joo Hyuk meet at a studio for an interview. Seeing each other in clothes other than school uniform, they burst into laughter.

As the interview goes on, the two of them playfully argue by saying things to each other such as, “We were supposed to go to amusement park together,” and “Why didn’t you pick up my call?” Nam Joo Hyuk even makes comments that cause Kangnam to jump out of his seat to grab the other’s throat several times during the interview.

The “Kangnamyunjoo” special will consist of clips edited out of the original episodes and will include an interview of Kangnam and Nam Joo Hyuk about their thoughts concerning the show. This episode will air January 3 at 11 p.m. KST.