“Dad! Where Are We Going?” Airs Preview for Its Final Episode

2015-01-04 17:49:37 2015-01-04 17:49:37

The preview for the last episode “Dad! Where Are We Going?” has been aired.

At the end of the January 4 episode of MBC’s variety show “Dad! Where Are We Going?” a preview of the dads and children’s last trip together was aired.

The “Dad! Where Are We Going?” members gather together at a place with memories and spend precious time together. The preview arouses curiosity as it aired cuts of the children shedding tears at the thought that it is the last trip, and also cuts of the fathers expressing how touched they are after receiving a surprise gift.

Meanwhile, “Dad! Where Are We Going?” is a program where celebrity fathers and their children go on a trip together and build relationships while exploring new places together.

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